In this article, I Have summarized the procedures of art paintings; the procedures of dialogue as well as the processes of witness or reflection. These procedures are taken in my research in my artist individuality along with my clinic has been informed by the findings. This account creates a guide to all those artists who want to delve deeper in their artist individuality or people interested in researching art painting procedures.

Art Paintings Processes

The painting procedures within this study Attempt to examine the artist individuality of this artist throughout the pursuit of consciousness. The fundamental elements of what; in which, when they occur is going to be clarified. These procedures are chosen rather than other media due to the caliber of paint fluid and immediate reaction. Even with a background in jewelry, art paintings are where my passion lies.


Exactly what the Art Paintings Will Comprise

Within my quest, six art paintings will be undertaken. These can be subjective art paintings and figurative paintings. Surfaces will be used by me. The paintings include canvases stretched professionally using concrete underlay (thick black vinyl). The measurements of every art painting will be uniform: 120 x 70x 5 cm. The press will incorporate Black Japan stain, enamel, oil sticks, oil paint, shellac, pastel, ink and charcoal. The key artistic focus in this procedure will lie in the usage of surfaces and also at using other materials in painting. Boundaries could be pushed to make aesthetics on surfaces.

Once the Painting May Take Place

The proposed strategy involves painting each second Tuesday and every Thursday for a span of fourteen days. This art painting may happen to three timeslots that are hourly.

Where They Can Take Place

The distance will include a studio set up within a lock-up garage. The pc and reference materials will soon be put up on a single side of a garage area, and also the work seat with art painting substances. I intend to have the ability to move freely and quickly between the two.

How they are going to Occur

The purpose is to incorporate a schedule of art painting procedures, which will include specific times in these months. Of placing a limitation on the painting 9, ideas are considered.

Dialogue with Art Paintings

The private dialogue procedures approached within this study unite components of Heuristic research, but permit for a single account. These procedures are Dependent on the lookup mechanisms present Procedures The procedures relate to dialog or a conversation that occurs Between the researcher artist and also a consciousness of the selfandy warhol printsor item studied. Many artists and art therapists have used these approaches.