Online purchasing is the new activity which is trending nowadays; before we used to plan a day and go out for purchasing the items we need and loved to explore new shops and markets. But with the advancement of technology and internet we can access everything just by sitting at home through our phone and laptop. In any free time people tend to explore the websites and buy whatever they feel like buying. All this had been made possible thanks to the online payment methods through net banking and card payment. One of the modes of the payment which is very convenient is the prepaid gift cards. They work the same way as the debit and credit cards do just that these are preloaded with sufficient funds. Make sure to check the vanilla visa gift card balance before planning any shopping and outing.

You must be aware that before using a visa card they must be activated which makes them valid for any type of purchasing. These prepaid cards can be used for shopping, payment of bills, dining out with family and friends, buying medicines etc. The activation process is a simple one which can be done in few minutes’ juts by visiting the official website of visa. You only have to follow the instructions mentioned on the website and you will be done, your card will be active in few minutes.

Once the card is active don’t forget to sign it, a small portion will be present at the back of your card where you need to sign to make it valid and accepted by the cashiers. By sighing, your card will be secured and protected from any type of theft or lost. When you inform the official regarding the theft or in case the lost is stolen, your card will be blocked immediately and the thief will not be able to use your card when it is signed.

As these cards are mostly non-reloadable you must make sure that the amount you add initially must cover all your shopping needs. For this checking vanilla visa gift card balance is necessary after every transaction made by you. By updating your mobile phone with the website you will automatically receive the message of available balance in your card. To maintain the safety and security of your money buy the prepaid card form authentic and genuine source. As these cards are in much demand, there is also increasing in the number of frauds associated with them. Here are many people who dope people in the name of prepaid cards.

The vanilla prepaid cards are best for youngsters and elderly people who don’t have to carry cash with them everywhere, many people believe with this logic of keeping the money safe and sound with preloaded visa cards. It will easily fit the wallet and you no longer have to worry about getting the cash from ATM in case of emergencies.