If you are planning a triptromso northern lights tourcan be a really good option for you. This can be proved to be the best experience of your time. But you need to decide the place where you want to see the lights; you have two options Finland and Norway. Both of them are at high altitude making the perfect place to see the lights. However, when you are visiting Norway to see the lights, you have bunch of some other activities you can do.

What are the best things to do in Tromso?

There are few activities that can bring amazing experiences for your trip:

  • Cable car:The cable car is among the favorite spots of the tourists. You can get the most beautiful view of the city from the peak of Floya.
  • Fishing:You can also take a boat trip to have a pleasant day and encounter with fjords and the arctic fauna.
  • Arctic Cathedral:This is another real landmark of Tromso, you can see its picture over every postcard of the country. It has the shape of glass mosaic which sparkles over the sunshine.
  • Polaria Arctic:It is a famous museum combined with some other experiences. It is more of an experience center that takes you into the life of aquatic animals.

This is not the limit to fun activities you can have with your Tromso tour, you can visit the polar museum, science center, and some other places too and get the best out of tour.