The aggravation of my mom gave joy to a boy. He was fit with walks and pranayam and his fitness was envied by his group of friends. Just two weeks before his 70th birthday, I got a call from my mom saying, that Papa had slipped and dropped away from the bathroom and then I had to rush home. A hip fracture and surgery daddy is a different person with mobility and loss of liberty he’s become cranky and depressed. Elderly People slipping and falling is story. Increasing age and lack of balance contributes to slips and falls. As the bones are fragile they are more likely to break and fracture that brings pain and lack of liberty. The majority of those slips and falls could have been prevented if proper care could have been taken.

Clutter hinders movement, and makes you fall. If you are currently living with your parents clear all of the things. Eliminate toys. Loose wires of telephones and wires can cause if they are unseen, falls in older. They ought to be removed. Carpets and mats on the ground which are loose, having lumps and with ends will need to be cared for or replaced. So purchaseNon slip shower mat for elderlythat have grip and set them on the bathroom floor and close to the bathroom door. Be careful near water and set a stool in the bathroom. Secure your footing- When outdoors make sure that they use footwear with good footing and traction. Avoid footwear with laces since they may step on them and collapse. Tell them to use walking when they do not feel steady, stick and allow them to take it when outdoors.

A very simple tip you can pass on to your parents is, after getting up from lying, sit on the corner of the mattress and check if your mind isn’t dizzy and you are feeling steady, only then should you attempt to move. Make it a rule to never move in a place if it’s not lit. There could be objects strewn. Additionally install in their area that’s close by and within so that they use it to go to the bathroom during the night. Other Suggestions to prevent falls are telling your parents about the location of dangers irregular surfaces in the home, like stools, cabinet’s stair so they take care. By making certain they assess their eyes and wear eyewear for reading and intent. By telling them never to rush off to answer door or phones, also find extensions of the phone around the house so that they can reach it easily.